Much Careening Toward The Earth

Last year I blogged at this time that the year previous was like jumping out of an airplane while promising everyone I could build a parachute before I hit the ground. This year was mostly a lot work, sweat, fingers crossing, more work, more sweat, and of course much careening toward the earth. The gamble I took two years ago to take this thing full time still feels fresh. Along with being the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do, it is also I’m sure the best decision I have ever made for myself.

I was especially humbled last year by the amount of artists and photographers who hired me to shoot their weddings. The list included a literary editor, an assistant curator for a New York art advisory, a print maker, a painter, a poet, a New York wedding photographer, and a Hollywood cinematographer! My wedding work appeared on television’s The Today ShowThe Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Inside Edition, as well as being featured on a bunch of killer wedding blogs from around the world! My own blog has received over 60,000 views now from 100 countries! I was also asked to speak at the CoLab wedding photography workshop in San Francisco. I shot DJ Lucky Date for the UK’s MixMag. I was featured and interviewed in a few more magazines including Unique Bride and F2 Freelance Photographer.

Along with the local weddings here in Washington, Mary and I shot weddings last year in Utah, Montana, and California, plus four weddings in New York! Coming up this year we already have bookings in Alaska, Louisiana, Virginia, North Carolina, and Mexico!

*I still have plenty of dates open for booking, so if you’re interested you can contact me here.

Last year couldn’t have happened without so many people, but mainly I have to thank all of the couples who stumbled across my work, believed in what I was doing, and invited me to document their wedding day. Being a part of your lives during such a monumental moment has truly enriched my soul. Maybe that sounds corny but it’s the absolute truth of it. Thank you for trusting myself and Mary with your day, and making all of last year possible. I owe so much to you and I am truly grateful to have been chosen as your wedding photographer.

Of course so much thanks and gratitude also goes to Mary who has been my assistant, second shooter, production manager, best friend, and overall emotional support system.

There’s some more to be said below, but I really feel we should get to some pictures!

As I’ve said before, it would be impossible for me to compile a ‘best of’ collection. I don’t think I’m capable of making decisions like that. Here are 140 images from 2012 that for some reason or another resonated with me. A few of these images I haven’t posted to the blog until now. Also, this time around I’ve thrown a few of Mary’s images into the mix.

Soundtrack: From The Cinematic Orchestra Presents In Motion #1 by The Cinematic Orchestra (iTunes)

Washington, California, Oregon, Utah, Montana, and New York.

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Photographer: Jonas Seaman

Second Shooter: Mary Ellen Williamson


I gotta give a shout out to Meg, Maddie, and Emily over at A Practical Wedding, and Ariel, Stephanie, and Megan of Offbeat Empire (Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Families, Offbeat Home & Life) who have given me much support, inspiration, and friendship this year. Also, Rock N’ Roll Bride, Snippet & Ink, Hi-Fi Weddings, Elizabeth Anne Designs, and Beyond//Beyond for featuring my work! Thank you Lisa & Alex of 2 People 1 Life and Kelli Bielema of Shindig Events for getting my work on national television… but mostly, thank you for your friendship. Finally, thank you to all the photographers, local and not so local, who connected with me this year… such an amazing community!!

Let’s see what we can do with 2013!!!

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  • Jonas these are incredible. Thank YOU for all the inspiration this year. Hope our paths cross again soon.

  • These are my fvorite Jonas posts!!! Once again, AMAZING roundup, buddy.

  • So cool. Keep it up.

  • Nicole Rivers

    Such beautiful images, I love this collection! The picture of the couple reflected in the puddle? So amazing! Reading this post made my day. Much love to Jonas and Mary!!

  • beautiful + amazing

  • Incredible collection to document your year. I am utterly inspired Jonas.

    I always find cramming my pictures from the year into a little space incredibly hard too.

  • Marivic

    You took a chance on yourself and are being rewarded. It’s so beautiful to see. It’s all amazing and touching. Here’s to another year of great moments for you and Mary and your work together.

  • You are a SICKENING GENIUS. Such fantastic work. Chills, I tell you.
    Here’s to another awesome year of MAGEEEEEEK!

  • AWWWWW JONAS. <3 <3 <3.

  • Bobbi

    OMG! Some of them just stop me cold and I have to stare at them for a while. What an amazing body of work – so far. Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings! Love you LOTS!!! xoxo

  • beautiful. Such a glorious ride. Thanks for taking us along. Let the new year, creativity, exploration unfold. Enjoy.

  • FrauSeltsam

    Just love it!

  • Jonas, I patiently waited as all the pictures downloaded, then took them all in one at a time. There is one subject whom you included several times and every photograph of her presence is stunning. She has simple, vintage hair pulled back with some wisps that fly away carelessly. The photos are black and white; she adorns an old lace dress with a collar and antique frame glasses. Those photographs are all breath-taking and it would seem as though a part of her captured you and the love of your camera. It shows in the pieces. What a great character and portrait you’ve captured. Keep producing art so I can keep enjoying it. I’ve already started a savings so that one day you can partake in my love’s madness. You’re ventures are great already.

    – @JuliaSchulkers


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